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The New Year brings out so many opportunities for us to make small changes in our lives that could impact us in a big way! Why not start with your life at college and some of the choices you make day-in and day-out while in school. Below is a small list of suggestions to add to your New Year’s Resolutions that can enhance the rest of your college experience. 
1. Get around 8 hours of sleep a night. College students can’t help but feel a love/hate relationship with getting the sleep they deserve. After the workday, it’s time for homework, friends, and the many other obligations of a college student. This type of pace will burn you out and eventually hinder all these areas of your life. Begin making it a necessity to get at least 8 hours of solid reset every night.
2. Get a set amount of exercise each week. It’s a test week, or finals week, or maybe your favorite organization’s best social week. Whatever it is, it never seems like the right time to get a good workout in. A healthy body is a healthy mind! Jump into 2017 with the goal to exercise a certain amount each week. Start small and grow as you get more comfortable.
3. Eat healthier at each meal. Universities tend to have the reputation for breeding horrible diets. From frozen foods, to late night grease meals to skipping breakfast, it’s safe to say college students aren’t watching their greens intake. Part of staying sharp and mentally focused through the rigors of class is staying healthy. Get a nutritional kick through incorporating healthier meals.
4. Try something new/step out of your comfort zone at least once a month. Routine is such an easy pit to fall into in college. The same thing every day can put a damper on our young, creative minds. This year, make it a point to put yourself outside your comfort zone and experience something new at least once a month. 
5. Finish your papers at least one day in advance. Abide by the saying, “do something today you’ll be proud of tomorrow”. Procrastinating never leaves a student in a good spot, and waiting to do something as consuming as a paper until the last minute can be devastating if something trips you up. Challenge yourself and get it done a day early!
6. Take a leadership position on campus- there are so many different options out there for this! Not only will this look great on your resume but you’ll learn valuable lessons that cannot be taught in the classroom.
7. Spend time with people who are strangers to you. Once you venture outside your normal group of friends, you’ll be amazed to find some incredible people who have been around you this whole time. You won’t believe who you can meet.

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